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Welcome to the website, piobagusfidil (piob agus fidil or pipes and fiddle) of Chicago-based musicians Patrick Cannady, uilleann piper, and Karen Cook Cannady, fiddler. If you are looking for an uilleann piper and a fiddler in Chicago that play very traditional Irish music, you have come to the right place!

Karen (fiddle) and Patrick (uilleann pipes) play traditional music learned through years of study, absorbing a large and growing repertoire from Chicago’s community of Irish immigrant and Irish American musicians, from old tune collections, and from recordings old and new. They have traveled thousands of miles to learn from masters, and spent countless hours honing and refining their sound, both at home and in the rough-and-tumble Chicago session scene. They play at folk festivals, regional and national trad music events, and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. They are at work recording a collection of tunes presently.

They have been on radio and television and have had tracks featured on both Irish and regional radio.

For more information on our group incarnation, Kilmaley, check out About Us .

Have a look around and contact them (via the Contact Page) if you have more questions about music for your party or special event or you would like some uilleann piping lessons!

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June 16, 2016 - Patrick and Karen Cannady with Steve Ponisciak #IAHF #irishmusic July 10, 2016 1pm 


Thanks to chicagoevents.us for sharing our Event! 

Here is more about the appearance on July 10, 2016: 

Patrick and Karen Cannady and Friends at IrishFest (Chicago)​ !   
We are going to be playing from 1:00pm-1:45pm Sunday, July 10th, 2016 in the Fifth Province at the Irish American Heritage Center​ as part of the 2016 Irish American Heritage Festival​ ! 

Karen Cook​ Cannady (fiddle) and Patrick Cannady​ (uilleann pipes) began playing together in 2001. Their music is arresting, spare, and rhythmic…

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June 3, 2016: June Events: 4th: @iahcchicago 11th: @Citychicagonews & @iahcchicago 21st: @MakeMusicChi 24th: @IndependenceTap #irishmusic 


Reviewing June's activities, here is what is coming up next! 
June 4th:  PÍOBAIRÍ in the Fifth Province​ 
June 11th: Piobagusfidil (pipes and fiddle) at the City News Cafe​ 
June 11th: PÍOBAIRÍ​ 
June 13th: Staged Reading: And Neither Have I Wings to Fly​ 
June 21st: Pipes n Fiddle (piobagusfidil) Make Music Chicago - Solti Garden​   
June 24th Kilmaley at the Independence Tap - Happy Hour Music!​ 
That is so far, we are not done booking gigs yet!

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